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At the My Little School House of Ozone Park we understand that choosing a child care provider is one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your life. Whether your located in Richmond Hill, Howard beach or anywhere in queens, we're here for you and your child! We believe that effective communication between teachers and parents help to foster a mutual understanding which enables us to provide a greater consistency for our little ones. Our goal is to help each child in our program to grow and develop to their fullest potential.

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Our day care is family owned and operated. 

We strive everyday to provide the best quality care and education for all of the children enrolled. 

Due to the success of our academic program we have helped place children in gifted programs in various schools in Queens. 
We have been in business since 1991. Since the first day that we opened our doors we have been striving to provide peace of mind and security to all of our day care families, so that they may work without a worry. Our staff is constantly attending classes, workshops, training and conferences so that we may stay updated on the newest early childhood information and practices. 
They have been reference checked carefully and fingerprinted. They have also met and or exceeded all of the state requirements.  
After the safety check the most important quality that we look for in our staff is a great love and respect for children. There isn't a greater asset to us than someone who is truly committed to the well being and development of the children.  
Children are encouraged to explore all of the classroom materials. 
They are also encouraged to form relationships with their class mates. We let the children know that what they think and say matters and it has an effect on other people.

Our program ...

is designed to support the total development of the child: socially, intellectually, emotionally, and physically as an individual and as a member of our day care family.

it respects cultural diversity among children, families and staff

recognizes that children cannot learn what they are not ready to learn

is concerned with the rights and well being of children, parents and professional teachers.

understands that collaboration among parents and teachers is part of the life of the center.

creates a relationship among parents, teachers, and children built on open communication, mutual respect and cooperation.

identifies the teacher as an active observer, listener, a resource to the child and an active guide in the learning process.

understands that the young children of today will be our leaders tomorrow.

Each child...

is seen as rich, strong, powerful and competent.

is accepted as a unique individual with an unlimitied desire and potential to grow, to learn and succeed.

has the right to develop his / her potential.

is constructing a blueprint for future life.

If you agree with our commitment and share our views then maybe you should take the next step which is to contact us.

We are all hoping you become part of our day care family!

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My Little School House 
Main Office: 107-45 89th Street Ozone Park, NY 11417
Main Number: (347) 561-5522
Locations throughout Ozone Park and Richmond Hill
Now Caring for Ages: 6 months through 12 years